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Veneer Crossfeed Splicing Machine
Fisher Ruckle Furnimaster


  • for the crossfeed splicing of sliced and rotary cut veneer

  • high number of cycles and constantly high performance

  • perfect joints for high and consistent end product quality

  • unique and praised Fisher+Rückle horizontal pressing system

  • suited for both PVAc and UREA type glues

  • dependable, reliable, enduring

  • easy operating via touch screen panel

  • clearly arranged icons on the screen panel facilitate easy access to relevant settings and parameters

  • separate pressure gauges ensure direct operator access to heating plate pressures, horizontal pressing system, etc. and short change-over times

  • in-feed belt for automatic veneer in-feed

  • moveable cross beam allows for quick and easy access to the heating plates for service and maintenance duties

  • few wear parts, little service and maintenance cost

  • up-to-date, modern machine design

  • various options to adapt the machine to different needs and requirements

  • optional integration in automated processes

  • different direct stacking devices for differing lay-on dimensions


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