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  • for the edge trimming and reinforcement of veneer layons

  • edge reinforcement with paper tape or glue thread

  • with optional stacking device

  • rigid, rugged construction

  • minimum layon width 420 mm

  • trimmable veneer thicknesses of up to max. 1.5 mm

  • perfect cut due to double-driven trimming knives

  • re-grindable trimming knives

Operator Panel

The compact and clearly arranged operator panel features automatic width adjustment.

Optional Edge Reinforcement with Glue Thread

The veneer edges may alternatively be reinforced with glue thread on both sides to prevent handling damages to the layon. Immediately after glue thread application, the layons’ edges are trimmed to size.

Edge Trimming and Reinforcement Machine

Edge Reinforcement with Paper Tape

To prevent damage to freshly spliced veneer layons, a self-adhesive tear-proof paper tape is applies along the edge. The layons edges are then trimmed to size immediately after tape application.


Automatic alignment via laser guide and contact pulley ensures fully square veneer layons.

Optional Stacking Device

Veneer layons can automatically be processed onto a stacking device and stored on a scissor lifting table right after edge trimming and reinforcement.

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