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Sequence of Operation

The veneer bundle is manually placed on the pre-feeding device and aligned on the gripper shafts. The grippers firmly clamp the veneer bundle as a pre-set laser line illuminates the position of the front knife.

To optimize veneer yield, the manually operable laser line for the positioning of the back knife is quickly and exactly set and the data transferred to the computer at the push of a button. The following processes run automatically.

The veneer bundle is placed in the machine, aligned at the position of the front cut and firmly held by the frontal pressure beam (2). The grippers (1) release the veneer bundle and revert to the initial position to retrieve the next bundle. In the meantime, the front knife (3) accurately cuts the veneer bundle on the front edge.

The gluing roller (4) now quickly applies the chilled glue on the complete bundle’s edge in a clean and gap-less fashion by traveling along the clamped bundle. The bundle keeps being pressed between the cutting and glue application processes. The grippers now position the veneer bundle at the rear cutting position. As the rear pressure beam lowers to clamp the bundle, the grippers retract and the rear knife cuts to width with optimum yield.

The rear gluing roller then evenly glues the edges of the veneer bundle still firmly clamped. After gluing, the rear pressure beam releases the veneer bundle before the grippers of the automatic discharge system (5) deliver it to the roller conveyor for angular out-feed to a fanning station, for example Fanningmaster (7).

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