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  • longitudinal glue threading of veneer strips

  • highest throughput speeds

  • short throughput distance

  • virtually unlimited veneer strip and lay-on widths due to freestanding gluing head

  • minimum veneer strip width of 20 mm

  • veneer thicknesses of up to 3 mm

  • ideal for splicing of buckled and wavy veneers

  • simple operation, maintenance free operation, few wear parts

  • functional, reliable and good value for money

Freestanding Gluing Head

Due to the freestanding gluing head, the veneer strip and lay-on widths are virtually unlimited.

  Hand-stitcher HS-2

  • repairing and cross gluing of veneer strips and lay-ons

  • control lever to set gluing temperature

  • two thread reels ensure high joint durability

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